Victims of a telephone banking scam speak out

Iain and Rena McLean were the victims of a telephone banking scam in Jersey in 2014. They received a call from someone claiming to be from Visa who said that there had been fraudulent activity on the McLean’s credit card. They advised the couple to call the security number on the back of their credit card to speak to the Visa Fraud Squad. However, when Iain McLean dialled the number he had no idea that the scammers were still on the end of the line. After several attempts to get all of the couple’s money from their account, the fraudsters advised them to go to their local branch and transfer their funds to a secure account – actually the scammers’ account. The McLeans did as advised and it was only thanks to a chance meeting with their bank manager after they had done so that the alarm was raised. The bank manager acted immediately and after several weeks all their money was thankfully returned to them. Both Mr and Mrs McLean were greatly affected by this scam as this film highlights.