Online Shopping and Auction Fraud

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. It can save time and effort and gives you a wide choice of goods from around the world. Scammers use online shopping scams because they can hide their identity using the internet.

What you should know

  • Scammers will often try to encourage you to leave a legitimate site to complete a sale. If you do this you could lose any payment protection site the legitimate auction site offers its users.
  • It’s unlikely for luxury or designer good to be associated with the words ‘cheap’ or ‘bargain’. Scammers will also overuse the words ‘genuine’ and ‘authentic’.
  • Never pay for a vehicle without viewing it and relevant documentation in person first. You may be offered a low price or discount to make payment prior to seeing the car or it being delivered. Don’t accept or do this.
  • Just because a website says it is or .je this does not mean it is based in the UK or in Jersey. Check the address and phone number of the company.
  • Beware when selling items online. Scammers can enter a very low bid and then using another name enters an extremely high bid. Just before bidding closes the high bidder will withdraw leaving the scammers low bid to win.
  • Research any sellers and bidder selling history.


Paying by credit card offers greater protection than with other methods


Check the payment page is secure. A padlock Is in the web browser and the web address starts with ‘https:/’ - the ‘s’ stands for secure


Why am I being encourage buying off site?


Check the seller’s terms and conditions including privacy and returns policy.