Dating and Romancing Scams

Many dating websites and chat rooms operate legitimately in the UK and in Jersey. However, individuals using them may try to scam you. Dating and romance scammer lower your defences by building an online relationship with you. Many people, both men and women, have lost huge amounts of money to online dating scammers. Always consider your personal safety if you arrange to meet someone through a dating website.

What you should know

  • Be wary of giving out personal information a website or chat room.
  • Scammers will quickly interact with you, often showing you glamorous photos of themselves and gain your trust. Can you be sure the person who is talking with is who they say they are?
  • Scammers will make conversations more personal to draw information form you, but will never really tell you much about themselves that can be checked or verified.
  • Scammers will normally try to steer you away from communicating on a legitimate dating website that could be monitored by staff. Their preference is to communicate via email, text message and possibly over the phone.
  • A scammer will use a variety of scenarios to target your emotions and get you to part with your money, for example: they have a sick relative or they are stranded in a country they don’t want to be in and need money. These are scams.
  • Never send money abroad or to a person you have never met or to anyone you don’t actually know or trust.
  • Scammers will sometime tell you to keep your online relationship a secret. Never agree to this. This is a ploy to get you not to tell your family and friends who will see the scam for what it is.
  • The scammer may ask you to accept money from them in to your own bank account. They will come up with a convincing story as to why they cant use their own bank account, ie, discharge fee from their current job, medical care or to pay for essential goods. The circumstances may appear to be genuine but you may be committing a criminal offence of money laundering.


Check website email addresses carefully. Scammers can use illegitimate site with similar addresses to legitimate ones


Never send money, give personal information or bank details to a person you have never met


Always consider your personal safety if you arrange to meet someone through a dating site


How can you confirm the identity of the person you are chatting to online? Don’t be afraid to ask questions and carry out checks